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A spot in the sun

A 90 min feature film project, written by Julien Hamelin in 2017, now in search of financing.


In April 2018, this script received the award of the best feature film project at the Valence International Scriptwriters Festival.



Other current projects of fiction films

I am currently working on two other projects of fiction films:

- A feature film entitled "Sheltered" (writing in progress);

- A short film entitled "Next!", in search of financing.

News will come as soon as possible. Be patient!

I am the president of idiots

2 min short film written, directed and produced by Julien Hamelin in 2015

With Jacky Nercessian, Christophe Garafoli, Anyes Noel and Hugo Gasparini

Camera & editing: Julien Hamelin - Sound: Noé Mignard


​Directed for the Nikon Film Festival, this very short parodic comedy shows two minutes in the absurd day of a cynical and egocentric President of the ​French ​Republic.